No Objection Certificate Portal -Standard Rejection List for NOC Applications

Your NOC Application can get rejected for any of the following reasons:

  1. If the proposed building falls beyond the BBMP jurisdiction i.e 800 Sq.kms (Core Area 245 Sq.kms, 7 CMC & 1 TMC area 330 Sq.kms and 110 Villages area 225 Sq.kms).
  2. If the proposed building falls within the Tippagondanahalli Catchment Area.
  3. If any discrepancy in the documents submitted or there is any dispute about the property
  4. If the required water demand of the proposed building cannot be met by BWSSB or Water Supply and UGD facilities are not established in that area.
  5. If proposed building is already constructed partially or fully without obtaining NOC from BWSSB.
  6. If the necessary charges are not remitted to the BWSSB as per the demand note issued.
  7. If the proposed building does not comprise of STP plan
  8. If the Rain water harvesting structure is not planned in the proposed buildinng as per the standards
  9. If the requisite documents are not submitted